Woman Who Accused Ghana And Arsenal Football Star Thomas Partey Shares Details

Arsenal football star Thomas Partey has been accused of forcefully having knowledge of a lady who has taken details to social media.

The deputy captain of Black Stars has been accused of r*pe as a lady shared staggering details and mind-blowing pieces claiming it really happened.

Mirror reports that a Premier League footballer who was arrested on r*pe charges earlier this month has had his bail extended until October.

His name was not revealed for legal reasons, but the player involved is said to be 29 years old as he was first arrested on July 4.

This came after a woman in her 20s alleged that a footballer forced his way with her in June, and it was gathered that the player involved was further arrested on two other incidents of r*pe.

The incidents were alleged to have happened to a different woman in her 20s in April and June of 2021.

Taking to Twitter, a woman with the handle @deffonotchaur wrote: “Thomas Partey is a serial r*pist who has got lucky because the date he decided to r*pe me whilst we were on holiday together was 10 days before UK law changed allowing UK police forces jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the UK. “I don’t care about my identity being revealed anymore. Someone leaked a screenshot from my private story last year and off the back of that I’ve had the most vile, evil messages from people calling me a liar… we’ll see who’s a liar once I post screenshots of him admitting it.

“We were dating, he asked me to travel with him for his birthday after I tried to end things with him a few weeks prior. “He convinced me that he had booked the trip for us and that he was going to change. I fell for it.” 

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