Why does Arsenal star Bukayo Saka cut holes in his socks?

ARSENAL talisman Bukayo Saka is most dangerous when he cuts inside on to his left foot – but he seems to enjoy cutting holes in his socks too.

Eagle eyed fans spotted the holes in Saka’s socks during the Gunners’ 3-1 loss to at Old Trafford.

And the talented youngster isn’t the first footballer to have taken part in this bizarre craze as former Tottenham defender Danny Rose done the same thing during a 2018 qualifier.

Why does Bukayo Saka cut holes in his socks?

Arsenal youngster Bukayo Saka bores holes in his socks to avoid injury to his bulging calves during a match.

The holes allows the tension in their legs to be released, which helps to prevent them from picking up muscle problems or cramp.

Socks can prove to be restrictive causing difficulties with effective blood flow and circulation.

Which is why a lot of footballers have jumped on this particular bandwagon.

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