Top 10 Greatest Arsenal Players Of All Time

Arsenal is one of the most successful clubs in England, and here we learn about the top 10 greatest Arsenal players of all time.

The history of Arsenal football club is full of glory and accolades.

Some of the greatest Premier League players have featured for the Gunners in these years who changed the game’s dynamic entirely.

Arsenal have won the second-most top-flight matches in English football history and are the only club to make an unbeaten run in the Premier League.

Apart from English accolades, the Gunners have also won one European Cup Winners’ Cup.

10. Alex James (1929–1937)

Even though Alex James mainly operated from the inside forward role, he was an assist machine for the team.

His technical skills often lead to comparisons with Dennis Bergkamp.

The Arsenal great was a part of the historic 1933 season where the Gunners scored 118 goals: a record at that time.

Alex James is 10th in the list of the top 10 greatest Arsenal players of all time.

9. Cliff Bastin (1929–1947) 

Cliff Bastin played in the winger role for Arsenal and achieved incredible success in front of the goal due to his shooting technique and superb skills.

Bastin wrecked opponents’ defence during the 30s.

Scoring 150 goals in 350 matches for the English team, he helped them secure 5 English Championships and 2 English FA Cups.

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8. Charlie George (1968–1975) 

Charlie George used to play in the forward and attacking midfielder role for Arsenal.

Even though he didn’t secure a massive amount of goals, one of his crucial goals made his statue legendary in front of the Gunners.

George scored a ravaging strike against Liverpool in the FA Cup final of 1971.

At that time, the FA Cup had colossal popularity, and George’s contributions scratched a line in the hearts of Gunners supporters forever.


7. Ian Wright (1991–1998)

Considered one of the greatest strikers to ever play in the Premier League, Ian Wright had incredible stamina, shooting power and athleticism.

His vast knowledge of the sport helped him make the best decisions in crucial situations.

Wright scored 153 goals and gave 12 assists in 257 matches, which enabled him to secure the second highest top scorer spot in the history of the English club.

The Englishman won 1 English Championship, 2 English FA Cups, 1 English League Cup and 1 Europapokal der Pokalsieger Sieger (European Titles).   

6. Robert Pires (2000–2006)

Even though Pires ideally played on the left-wing, he made appearances in attacking midfield and as a supporting striker as well.

Pires was technically supreme and physically strong as well, which helped him secure 85 goals and 60 assists in 284 matches.

The French star immediately impacted the club and helped them win several accolades, including 2 English Championships, 3 English FA Cups, and 2 English Super Cups.

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5. Patrick Vieira (1996–2005)

Patrick Vieira became the leader that the perfect Arsenal team required in the early 2000s.

The French star was physically robust, intelligent and brave.

Playing in the holding midfielder role, he used to break the opponent’s attacks.

He wasn’t much of a goalscorer but still managed to secure 32 goals and assisted 44 times in 397 matches.

Vieira lifted 3 English Championships, 4 English FA Cups and 3 English Super Cups.

4. Tony Adams (1983–2002)

Tony Adams was a one-club man who devoted his career to serving the Arsenal team.

Playing from the centre-back role, Adams excelled due to having strong aerial prowess, tackling skills, physical strength and game awareness.

Adams remains the second most apparent maker for the Gunners.

His trophy cabinet isn’t bad either, as he has won 4 English Championships, 3 English FA Cups, 2 English League Cups, 2 English Super Cups and 1 Europapokal der Pokalsieger Sieger (European title).

3. Liam Brady (1973–1980)

Liam Brady was a left-footed attacking midfielder who had all the technical aspects of a great player, including sensational vision, passing, game reading and skills.

He played seven years at the Arsenal team, making 235 appearances.

He lifted 1 FA Cup during his spell at Arsenal.

2. Dennis Bergkamp

One of the most elegant players to ever set foot on the football pitch, Dennis Bergkamp, has left an untouchable legacy while at Arsenal.

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He excelled in the second striker role, having superior dribbling skills, quick decision-making ability, vision, accurate passing, and positional awareness.

His partnership with Thierry Henry became one of the most ruthless duos in English football.

Scoring 113 goals and 94 assists, Bergkamp helped the team lift 3 English Championships, 4 English FA Cups and 3 English Super Cups.

1. Thierry Henry (1999–2007 & 2012)

This one shouldn’t surprise the English supporters who watched Arsenal’s performance in the early 2000s.

Thierry Henry was so spectacular that defenders couldn’t even come close to him at the peak of his powers.

Power, skills, physicality, game awareness, passing, ball controlling and breathtaking pace, Henry had it all.

The Frenchman used to go wide initially, which enabled him with several assisting options.

He was an unselfish player who used to set up balls for his partner more often.

But, due to having supreme shooting abilities, he also secured a lot of goals.

Henry’s 228 goals in 376 matches across all competitions remains an unbroken record.

He won 2 English Championships, 3 English FA Cups and 2 English Super Cups during his spell with Arsenal.



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