Success Story: A Short Inspirational Story Of How Lionel Messi Became Who He Is Today

Lionel Messi, the small boy who made it big because what he didn’t have in terms of physical growth, he had in excess in terms of talent.

The Argentine, who has been compared to and is even thought to be better by some, struggled to score goals as a child due to his tiny stature.

When he was a kid, he’d play football with his friends and almost magically run past them all to get to the goalpost.

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And it would stop there since he couldn’t score. And why is this so? He had a serious lack of growth hormone.

The treatment was available, but the funds were not, and while other clubs offered assistance, they did not deliver on their pledges.

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As a result, Messi’s father issued an ultimatum to Barcelona, stating that if they do not support his therapy, he will leave the club.

He wasn’t a player you’d want to lose, so they agreed to the terms.

Because he didn’t have any paper with him, Leo signed a contract on a napkin right away.

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Today, he is recognized as the greatest footballer in history, and he will compete in the World Cup with the dreams of millions of people who want to see him lift the trophy.



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