Sterling Reveals Why Graham Potter is better Than Tuchel Tactically after Major Change against Salzburg

Sterling was happy to tell the difference between the two managers given that he has played under both and could easily testify who was the better amongst the two manager’s.

According to his words it seems fans should stop brooding over Tuchel sack and see the Positive in Graham Potter arrival as Chelsea manager as Sterling affirms the Manager to be sound Tactically.

Sterling is one player that loves hugging the touchline rather than playing as a forward. Sterling was filled with joy playing in his natural position against Salzburg something that seems to not happen under Tuchel.

Most players got to revert back to their natural position’s. Kai Havertz played behind Aubameyang as a 10 (his natural position) Mount played right wing and dropped occasionally into the midfield.

These were what Sterling Said in regards the comparison.

“[I was} playing in a slightly different role, and I enjoy playing out wide.”

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