Six Incredible Football Records That May Never Be Broken

Football is a collection of team sports in which players kick a ball to score a goal with varying degrees of difficulty.

When the phrase “football” is used without qualification, it usually refers to the most popular form of football in the area where it is used.

In the United States, football is frequently referred to as association football (also known as soccer in North America and Oceania), gridiron football (particularly American football or Canadian football), Australian rules football, rugby union and rugby league, and Gaelic football.

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Football codes relate to all of the different variations of football that have similar beginnings, albeit to varied degrees.

1.Tommy Ross 
Tommy Ross holds the world record for the fastest hat-trick in a single game.

He scored three goals in ninety seconds for the visitors in a match between Ross County and Nairn County in 1964.

2. Jay-Jay Okocha 

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During Nigeria’s World Cup match against Italy in 1994, Okocha completed fifteen dribbles, the most ever completed by a player at the tournament.

3. Robert Lewandowski

The Polish forward scored five goals in nine minutes for Bayern Munich against Wolfsburg in September 2015.

4. Fontaine
Fontaine set a record with 13 goals at the 1958 FIFA World Cup, the most ever scored by a single player in a single edition of the event.

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5. Hakan Sukur
Retired Hakan Sukur, a Turkish striker who competed in the 2002 World Cup for his country, scored the fastest goal in World Cup history against South Korea in just 11 seconds.

5. Pele

Pele, a three-time World Cup champion and Brazilian icon, owns the most hattricks in history with 95.

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