Real Madrid Fans Sent Kylian Mbappe A Strong Message Before Champions League Final

fans loved and admired Kylian Mbappe despite the fact that he had never played for the club, and Madridistas learnt their lesson about adoring a player who is not a member of the club.

Current players, either living legends like Karim Benzema or future icons like Vinicius Jr., should be cherished in this way. 

Real Madrid reached the Champions League Final and even eliminated Mbappe, and they did so with their current lineup of players. 

Madridistas sent the superstar a clear message ahead of the match against that they do not want him, since they feel deceived by the way he made his transfer decision. 

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Then there was this poster urging Mbappe to stay at PSG, complete with a picture of 13 Champions League trophies on top. 

Despite all of ’s efforts to win the title in order to make their sportswashing project “valid,” Mbappe has yet to win the trophy with the PSG project.

Real Madrid fans are retaliating against Kylian Mbappe for the chants directed at him by PSG fans. 

Then there came the nasty cries, “P**a Mbappe!” directed towards Mbappe. PSG supporters screamed “P**a Madrid!” as Mbappe smiled after signing a new three-year contract with the club. 

While I do not agree of criticizing players in this manner, understand that Madridistas who do so are engaging in a “turnabout is fair play” situation. 

Mbappe’s choice to use the club’s name to secure a bigger contract and greater decision-making authority from PSG has clearly angered Real Madrid fans, especially as he was already due to receive a record-breaking contract from Qatar before holding out for even more money at the last minute. 

The majority of Madridistas, on the other hand, have moved on silently. They’re more concerned with supporting players like Rodrygo Goes, Vinicius Jr., Eden Hazard’s return, and, of course, Ballon d’Or favorite Karim Benzema than they are with a young guy who chose PSG over following in the footsteps of his idol Cristiano and seeking a new sporting challenge.

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