Real Madrid Bus Driver “Fernando” Has Been To More Champions League Final Than Any Club

Bismillah Despite, one of our most active users, has cited a cult figure of our club who is little known outside of it: Fernando Manso, the Real Madrid bus driver!

The Spaniard probably spent 19 years driving the Real Madrid bus. Fernando joined the team for the first time in January 2000, according to Marca, so you can imagine how many legends of the past he has seen in person. 

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Fernando basically steered us to two Champions League finals and seven (!) semifinals. Yes, he’s witnessed a lot in his life.

“The longest trip I made was to Glasgow for the Champions League final [in 2002]. The way there and back took about 11,000 kilometres.”

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“I remember that I arrived in Madrid two days later than the team and went straight to La Cibeles [the fountain on one of the Madrid squares]. I circled around the fountain twice before going to the garage. Cars whistled at us and people cheered us on.”

Fernando was happy to say he had indirectly taken part in the club’s greatest Champions League successes. “I took them [the players] to the airport and picked them up for those triumphs.”

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