The 5 Most Hated Footballers Of The Last Decade

The 5 Most Hated Footballers Of The Last Decade. Some of the players on this list have displayed serious character defects both on and off the field.

A few of them have cheated on their husbands or cheated on the referee while playing football, earning the wrath of their fellow fans.

Are there any football players who you consider to be the most despised in history?

1. Pepe

Pepe was formerly regarded as the world’s most despised footballer, with many supporters disliking the Portuguese defender.

Former Getafe defender Pepe was a tough competitor, and one day he beat one of the club’s players.

The footballer’s reputation was tarnished after this incident.

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Pepe, on the other hand, would pretend that the fan didn’t enjoy it at times.

Since then, the Portuguese footballer has evolved and no longer makes foolish decisions.

2. Dani Alves

Alves once faked to be fouled harshly during a Champions League encounter against Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid footballer was sent off, and went up a notch in the standings.

He was widely regarded as one of the world’s most reviled footballers.

3. Joey Barton

Joey Barton’s case has never made sense to me.

He isn’t particularly gifted or an important member of his team, but he enjoys seeing himself in the news (for all the wrong reasons).

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The former QPR midfielder has made headlines for his less-than-honorable comments against former boss Sir Alex Ferguson, his outspoken thoughts on Roy Hodgson’s managerial abilities, and his tweets, which have caused a fair share of controversy in recent years.

A more measured approach to his beliefs would benefit him greatly.

4. Paolo Di Canio

Because of his antics, Di Canio was despised by many people.

On the field, he was a fantastic player who performed a lot of positive things, but his antics occasionally enraged his teammates.

It all started with a refereeing scandal.

Paolo was fined £10,000 and suspended for 11 games after hitting the referee.

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Fans began to attack Di Canio at that point, and his political views exacerbated the problem.

Di Canio was a fascist admirer who made fascist gestures frequently.

5. Luis Suarez

The attacker has done everything from mishandling the ball to biting his teammates, and he has showed little or no remorse for his actions.

When he racially assaulted Patrice Evra and refused to shake his hand in their next meeting in 2012, he added fuel to an already smoldering rivalry between Manchester United and .

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