Memphis Depay Returns To Barcelona Training Camp Dressed In Ghanaian School Uniform

Memphis Depay has caused a lot of reactions on social media after he showed up at training camp dressed in Ghanaian uniform. From the video spotted saw him happily greeting his colleagues as he enters the camp while in the uniform.

The colleagues were so amazed to him because it would probably be the first time of seeing an African print.

Memphis Depay is a Ghanaian born to a Netherland parent though he has naturalized to play for . Memphis came to Ghana after the international break and was spotted having good time with the school of the blind.

Even though there are a lot of expensive hotels in the country but he chose to sleep in a school.

According to Memphis, his dream is to mentor these kinds to achieve their dreams in future. The love Memphis Depay has for Ghana is so amazing and unthinkable but it an advice to all the youth in the country.

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