Lionel Messi bypasses Cristiano Ronaldo’s record with his latest goal against Lyon in Ligue 1 clash

Lionel has bypassed Cristiano in the rankings for the total number of goals scored without a penalty despite having played 150 fewer games.

The 35-year-old superstar scored for Paris Saint-Germain during their 1-0 victory over Lyon on Sunday evening.

As a result, Messi has now scored 672 non-penalty goals during his professional career. While, Ronaldo has scored 671.

Messi scored ’s only goal in their Ligue 1 clash with Lyon. He found the back of the net in the fifth minute of the game to see them win 1-0.

As a result, Messi has taken his non-penalty goal tally to 672, trumping forward Ronaldo by one.

Messi has also overtaken Ronaldo despite playing 150 fewer games than the Portugal international.

Ronaldo – who appears to be getting more and more frustrated at United – will be disappointed to lose another record to his rival.

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