KFC France threatens legal action against PSG star Kylian Mbappe

KFC France have distanced themselves from claims by their vice-president which hinted at taking legal action over , for his refusal to take part in sponsorship commitments.

As previously reported, Mbappe reportedly refused to take part in the France national team’s photoshoot on Tuesday over a long-running dispute with the French Football Federation (FFF) over image rights.

L’Equipe reported that Alain Beral of KFC France had said the fast-food chain would ‘assert their rights if neccessary’ over the Mbappe situation – hinting at taking legal action.

His comments including damning quotes, accusing Mbappe of having a ‘tantrum’ and a ‘crisis of youth’.

KFC France, as reported by Reuters, have since come out to clarify that Beral is not speaking on behalf of the company.

Mbappe had a led a boycott among the French team of certain sponsors back in March, as he did not want to be associated with certain brands.

He opted out of the scheduled photoshoot with the squad this week as he remains uncomfortable promoting certain sponsors including betting companies and fast food brands.

Beral, as reported by L’Equipe, went on to add: ‘We paid for something clear. If needed, we will assert our rights.’

He added: ‘It’s a problem between the federation and Kylian Mbappe. Not ours,,’

Beral though did hold concerns over what Mbappe’s actions would mean in the future.

He said he feared ‘the end of financing for federations and leagues by private companies, if the players no longer want to sign’.

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