Juventus Star Paul Pogba admits to using witch doctor but not to cast spell on Mbappé

Paul Pogba admitted to using witchcraft in a second police interview with French investigators last month.

Mathias Pogba, Paul’s elder brother, earlier opened a can of worms about his younger sibling accusing the 2018 FIFA winner of being involved in witchcraft and casting a spell on France teammate Kylian Mbappé.

But Paul strongly denies calling on a witch doctor to cast a spell on the forward, rather for the sake of a humanitarian organisation which helps children in Africa.

According to France Info, Paul told investigators this and claims to have the supporting evidence to prove it, during another hearing with investigators.

The ex-Man United midfielder finds himself at the heart of a case of attempted extortion, according to him, carried out by some of his relatives, including his elder brother, Mathias Pogba.

Paul continues to claim to be the victim of an attempted €13m blackmail by his brother Mathias, his childhood friends and an organised gang.

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