Hasbulla begs UFC to let him fight Conor McGregor after Irishman posts brutal meme

The war-of-words between Hasbulla and Conor McGregor has escalated with the Irishman posting a brutal meme of the TikTok megastar.

Upon seeing the meme, Hasbulla was clearly fuming and has now begged UFC president Dana White to give him a fight against the sport’s biggest star.

Viral internet sensation Hasbulla has made no secret of the fact that he wants to fight McGregor, relentlessly calling him out via social media over the past year.

McGregor had ignored his advances, until last week when the two began engaging in a heated back-and-forth online.

Now former UFC dual division champion McGregor has reignited their rivalry, posting a savage meme of Hasbulla online.

The meme showed the Irishman strangling what appears to be a small toy.

He, or perhaps the creator, has then swapped out the fury toy’s face for Hasbulla’s.

While the caption read: “Now what you saying you little gimp.”

In typical McGregor fashion, it wasn’t long before the tweet was deleted.

That said, Hasbulla clearly caught wind of it and issued a scathing response of his own, begging the UFC to throw the two rivals into an octagon and lock the cage door.

The Russian fan favourite tweeted: “Hey uncle @danawhite and @ufc please make it happen, let me eat this chicken @TheNotoriousMMA.

“I’m hungry, I’ll smash him with my mountain spirit. My brother @TeamKhabib smashed him and all his team, now is my time to rise! #HasbullaTime #CantDeleteMyTweetsConor.”

It remains to be seen whether White responds, but – if truth be told – let’s not hold out hope for a mega-money clash of the titans between Hasbulla and McGregor.

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