Ghanaians descend on Mohammed Muntari; He’s not a Black Stars prospect he can’t bench anyone in the team

“To be honest, if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would choose .” “Every day, I will choose Qatar because of what they did for me and what they are doing for my people,” Mohammed Muntari said.

“Deep inside, I knew I made the right decision,” the attacker continued, “so if you ask me to do it again, I will choose Qatar over .” I’m not saying anything negative about my beloved Ghana. It was never a financial decision [to relocate to Qatar]. We play football first and foremost because we enjoy football and want to take care of the people we care about.”

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Some Ghanaians did not hold back in their reactions to the interview. Some say Mohammed Muntari isn’t even good enough for the Black Queens, while others say he’s not even good enough for the Black Stars.

“He can’t even play for Ghana’s Black Queens.”

“We’re Ghana, and we’re fine without him.”

“He’s not even fit to play in our local league; we hope he has as much fun as we do.”

“He’s not going to make the first thousand Ghana squad.”

“Even if he chooses Ghana over Qatar, who will he bench?” some Ghanaians wondered.

Some Ghanaians have reacted angrily to attacker Mohammed Muntari’s declaration that his decision to choose Qatar over his home country was correct.

Qatar, he claims, has done so much for him and his people that it is the least he can do.

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