Footballers Who Are Following In The Footsteps Of Their Fathers

It should come as no surprise that prominent former football players have sons who play football.

It’s tough to shake a lifelong passion for the beautiful game, and when you start practicing and learning from the greatest from a young age, you’ll have an advantage over the competition.

In some circumstances, it appears as if your name gives you an advantage over others—a benefit of the doubt.

There is a desire among the viewing public to see sons emulate or perhaps surpass their fathers on the field, thus there is suspense and hope.

We choose top sons who are following in their legendary fathers’ footsteps based on their potential from a vast list.

1. Federico Chiesa, 21, Fiorentina winger

Enrico Chiesa’s son

Federico Chiesa is without a doubt the top player on this list, as well as the world’s most developed famous footballer’s son.

He is Fiorentina’s most important player, a player who virtually single-handedly saved the club from relegation last season.

The people of Florence would be devastated if he left.

Juventus has been linked to him for several seasons, and his performance at the Under-21 European Championships, where he scored an unbelievable Maicon-esque goal, has further heightened interest.

It’s possible that he’s already surpassed his father’s abilities, and he’ll only improve from here.

2. Roma’s Justin Kluivert, a 20-year-old winger.

Patrick Kluivert’s son

The raw skill set of the Dutchman is enticing—two-footed he’s and equally adept at dribbling and threading passes into channels for runners to utilise.

3. Lille’s Tim Weah, 19 years old.

George Weah’s son

Tim Weah appears unlikely to follow in the footsteps of his father, George Weah, and win the Ballon d’Or unless the football scene significantly changes.

George received the trophy in 1995 while playing for AC Milan, after establishing himself as one of the best midfield playmakers in the world with a knack for long-range goals.

Tim is unlikely to duplicate that success, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of him becoming a global celebrity in his own right.

He’s already displaying incredible potential. He’s shown he can play on the wing or as a striker, and he has a strong team mentality while also delivering individual bursts of brilliance that can turn games.



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