Football fan claims Neymar is ‘superior’ to Ronaldinho, causes huge debate

A fan has caused a huge debate by claiming is “superior” to compatriot Ronaldinho.

The pair of Brazilian stars have regularly been compared to one another, with Neymar essentially carrying the torch from Ronaldinho in this current era.

‘R10’ is quite possibly football’s greatest entertainer, playing with a smile on his face and doing things with a ball that no-one ever saw before.

His flicks and tricks were jaw-dropping but he also backed that up with an end product and won the 2005 Ballon d’Or after a stellar year with .

However, @neyhoIic is not having that Ronaldinho is better than Neymar and reckons nostalgia has clouded the judgement of many.

The Twitter user shared a six-minute compilation of Neymar strutting his stuff and it went viral, amassing 1.7 million views.

And it was enough to make them form the opinion that Ronaldinho, despite being a winner, “was never this good of a playmaker or passer”.

Unsurprisingly that caused quite the storm on social media and plenty of mixed opinions:

Neymar, who has been in fine form this season for , grew up idolising Ronaldinho and once bowed down to him when playing for Santos.

He’s since created his own legacy and has 110 goals in 153 games for PSG since they forked out £200 million to sign him from Barcelona in 2017.

Ludovic Giuly, who also played for both PSG and Barca, had a bold take on the duo when he said they “have everything,” but neither did “everything to be even higher” and reach the next level.

“I’m going to compare Ronaldinho and Neymar on a career level,” he told Telefoot.

“They have everything, but they don’t give everything to be even higher.”

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