FIFA Fines Senegal Football Federation $180,000 For These Two Reasons

The Federation of International Football Association has fined the current defending champions of Africa Senegal to the tune of 180k dollars for two misconducts during the African cup of nations final and World Cup final playoffs.

These two misconducts are as a result of fans disorder and the use of lasers which were vividly seen on the face of Mohammed Sallah during his penalty kick in the Afcon final.

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The two giants in African football met on two occasions this year, being finalist in the just ended African cup of nations in Cameroon as Senegal went on to win their first ever African cup of nation title.

They only locked horns in the World Cup playoffs which saw both sides battle it out in an intense penalty shootout which the teranga lions of Senegal emerged victorious again.

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The Egyptian football association laid several complains to FIFA and are glad their complains were met and justice was served.

Many African football fans are however concerned about the rampant use of lasers during African football matches whether in the cup of nations, champions league, confederation cup of local fixtures.

The use of lazy beams are on the rise in North African countries and it’s beginning to grow popular in west Africa as fans now see it as a way to distract their opponents.

The fine is set to deter African fans from using these lasers and to help encourage football associations conduct searches on their fans Before they are allowed into stadiums.

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