Checkout The Staggering Amount Lionel Messi Has Made for Psg Since 2021 Transfer

is proving to be the ultimate return on investment for Paris Saint Germain, a club he joined in the summer of 2021 in controversial circumstances.

Having signed a two-year deal with the French club, went on to win the Ligue 1 in his debut season, scoring 11 goals and registering 15 assists.

While his contributions on the pitch were not up to his usual lofty standards, it was on the commercial front that really reaped from Messi’s signature.

According to El economista, Messi’s signing has generated a staggering £612 million for the club since 2021.

The Breakdown

Since Messi’s arrival at PSG, the club has reportedly added 13% to their income stream.

This is after signing deals with big-name brands including Dior and GOAT.

Furthermore, the value of the team, according to the report has rocketed to €300 million in terms of cryptocurrency for the first time in the club’s history.

“We were closing a deal with a cryptocurrency before signing Messi and in the following weeks the price skyrocketed because people showed more interest in getting on board,” The Director of Marketing for PSG Mark Armstrong told Marca.

On the shirt sales front, Messi is also king at PSG as he reportedly contributed 60% of the total sales.

The report states that PSG have sold one million shirts so far this season and among them, more than half that number had ‘Messi 30’ on them.

Armstrong further broke down the numbers, saying:

“When one of these transfers takes place, people think that they are paid by selling shirts, and that is not entirely the case. You cannot produce a lot of extra shirts. The agreement is made to cover some minimums, which are very important, but you cannot satisfy all the demand for Messi shirts.”

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