Check Out The Fastest Football Player In History And His Stats (+Photos)

In football, it is necessary for each player to possess this quality. No matter how good a player is at other things, if he can’t keep up with his teammates’ pace, he won’t be able to support them in the assault. 

It’s one of the key reasons why defensive midfielders are taught to run quickly and catch up with the assault. Ngolo Kante is the perfect illustration of this, as he is usually in top gear until the final whistle. 

History says that previous players were faster than the ones we see now, but we couldn’t calculate their speed owing to a lack of technology. 

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Arjen Robben is thought to be the fastest player in football history, clocking in at 37 km/h. 

He was born on January 23rd, 1984 and a retired professional footballer from the Netherlands who played as a winger.

Robben is known for his dribbling skills and techniques, as well as his speed. Just as electricity travels in a fraction of a second, so does Robben’s speed, which is feared by many defenders. 

His ball control is another thing to mention; he has a wonderful first touch and he always has an eye for goals, which is why he is so good at long-range shooting. 

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He was regarded as one of the best wingers in the world throughout the majority of his playing days, with many claiming he was “able to ride on and defeat any defender at the drop of a second.” 

Robben, who typically played on the right wing, moved inside on his left foot to create a more central attacking position and take on defenders with his speed and dribbling talents. 

Robben’s speed and ingenuity, according to José Mourinho, force opponents’ defenders to be unable to mark or stop him, rather than commit a foul against him. 

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During a match between the Netherlands and Spain at the 2014 , he ran past ’s and the world’s greatest defender, Sergio Ramos, with a total accumulated speed of 37 km/h, making him the fastest player in history. 

Robben is able to take on defenders thanks to his speed, which has always been a big part of him. Having a lot of speed helps him dribble better, and he is thought to be the best dribbler of all time.

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