Check Out Main Reason Why Goalkeepers Spit On Their Gloves

In any football team, the goalie is one of the most crucial players.

As a result, some football analysts think that every great football club need at least one world-class goalie.

It should be noted that many goalkeepers spit on their gloves on a regular basis.

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Let’s take a closer look at why some goalkeepers spit on their gloves.

In order to get a better hold on the ball

Goalkeepers are said to spit on their gloves in order to acquire a better hold on the ball.

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Because these gloves are constructed of latex, this is the case.

If moisture is applied to the gloves, it is thought that they will grow more sticky.

It’s also worth noting that goalkeepers must maintain a firm grip on the ball in order to keep it from slipping out of their grasp.

This is something that many of the world’s best goalkeepers do.

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