Barca in a MESS & cannot register their new signing, they must save their season

Who better to sum up the shambolic mess at FC than club president Joan Laporta? ‘We have passed from a terminal illness, now we are in the intensive care unit,’ he said earlier this summer.

‘We need to activate financial levers to move us back into the ward and out of the hospital.’

Football’s grandest institution, a whopping £1.14billion in debt, is crumbling.

And, with just two days until Barcelona kick off their league season, the club are prohibited from registering their five summer signings by La Liga — about £140million worth of players.

Yes, you read that right: a club more than £1bn in the red has made a trolley dash to spend more money than any team in Europe, with signings such as the prolific Robert Lewandowski from Munich and former Leeds talisman Raphinha.

Fans on social media have compared the club to a friend who says they’re unable to pay you back the £20 they owe you — then you see them spending freely at the pub on a Friday night.

In Spain, spending caps are preventative rather than punitive as seen elsewhere in Europe. The league insist Barca must raise around £85m before Saturday’s clash with Rayo Vallecano if they are to register Lewandowski and Co.

The club have survived this summer by activating economic levers, or palancas, to raise money.

They have sold future TV rights — paid club-by-club in Spain rather than to the league as a whole — and a quarter of their in-house TV company, Barca Studios. The club are effectively mortgaging their future.

There’s also the ludicrous saga with and target Frenkie de Jong, who joined from Ajax in January 2019 but was given a new deal 18 months ago by the previous president.

Barca say that contract is illegal as it includes deferred payments. They want him to return to his original deal which, of course, is on much lower terms.

Aside from all this mess, there is some romance still at Camp Nou — and not just because it is available for hire as a wedding venue in a way to raise cash.

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