Ball boy who was attacked by Chelsea’s Eden Hazard now owns vodka brand worth staggering £40 million

Charlie Morgan’s life has changed drastically since Eden Hazard kicked out at him during ’s EFL Cup clash against Swansea City in 2013.

Hazard has had an illustrious career so far, enjoying significant success in three of Europe’s top leagues. He has won at least one league title with each of the three clubs – Lille, Chelsea and – he has played for.

However, a black mark went down against the Belgium international’s name for attacking a ball boy in 2013. A decade may have gone by since the incident, but it remains a dint in his legacy.

Chelsea were trailing 2-0 in the second leg of their EFL Cup semi-final tie against Swansea when the episode unfolded. With less than 10 minutes remaining on the clock, Hazard rushed to take a corner when Swans ball boy Morgan shielded the ball from him.

The forward felt the then 17-year-old was wasting time by lying on the ball and lashed out at him in a desperate attempt to take the corner. He was attempting to kick the ball from under the ball boy, but was sent off for violent conduct.

Swansea won the tie, as well as the EFL Cup, that year, while Hazard went on to help Chelsea win six trophies in the following seasons. Morgan, too, found success, albeit away from the football pitch.

At 26 years of age, Morgan is worth a whopping £40 million, thanks to his alcohol company, Au Vodka. He has seen his business thrive since setting it up in 2016 alongside childhood friend Jackson Quinn.

Morgan and Quinn’s venture received a major boost when DJ and TV presenter Charlie Sloth decided to invest in the company. Au Vodka, which started off by producing 2000 bottles of Vodka, now manufactures 35,000 bottles daily.

Au Vodka is sold in 40 countries across the globe today, while Morgan and Quinn have made their way onto The Times Young Rich List. The brand has also been endorsed by several celebrities, including Ronaldinho and Floyd Mayweather.

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