African Footballers Who Lost Their Wealth To Their Wives

In today’s piece, we’ll take a brief, slightly depressing look at two footballers who, thanks to their wives, have lost everything they own.

1. Emmanuel Eboue

He blamed his financial difficulties on his split wife Aurelie and his own inexperience, according to Eboue, who spoke to The Mirror about his terrible story of financial suffering.

It was there that Eboue and his wife lived before Eboue purchased a mansion, which Aurelie has now put on the market.

After losing everything, including his money and home, Emmanuel returned to poverty.

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2. Ndoro

The South African wife of the Zimbabwean striker has taken possession of all of the assets he has accumulated throughout his career.

In the aftermath of being evicted from his own home in Zimbabwe, he has returned to his hometown.

The aftermath of a tragic love affair and divorce, during which the former Orlando Pirates striker lost everything, including his career.

According to the Zimbabwean website B-Metro, Ndoro and Maseko had a falling out, and Maseko went on to kick the former Zimbabwe international out of their home and confiscate all of his assets, including their automobiles, as a result.

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In the case of these men who went from being wealthy to poor after being booted out of their own home, which they had created with their wife, and then watched their wife sell your home when there was nothing you could do, bad women are more lethal than poison.

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Is it possible for you to put all of your assets in the name of your wife? How come the courts consistently rule in favor of women?

What will happen to these guys who have worked hard to earn money just to have their spouses take all of their assets away from them? Watch out for bad wives.



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