8 Top Footballers Who Were Caught In Age Fraud

Many footballers have been caught lying about their age in the past, but perhaps none are more famous than these eight players. 

There were many old cheating cases in the beautiful game like Gourav Mukhi in India and Carlos Alberto in Brazil. 

In the case of Mukhi, he became the youngest goalscorer in the Indian Super League at just 16, but he was a8 years old. It’s certainly one of the most famous cases of cheating in football, but what about Carlos Alberto?

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The former prodigy was thought to have been a teenager when he won the 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship for his country but was later found to have lied about his age for five years. As punishment, he was banned from the sport for a year. 

One of the latest cases of age falsification happened earlier this year when former Senegalese international Guirane N’Daw openly admitted to faking his age to become a professional player. 

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Perhaps more controversial than his admission, however, was N’Daw’s claim that “99% of the players have reduced their age” in Senegal. Hopefully not the case.In South Africa, former Ajax Cape Town player Sibusiso Mzizi is said to have tricked authorities into believing he was five years younger than he was.

Last but not least we have Vincent Aboubakar from Cameroon. During the 2021 Afcon 2021, the were a lot of talks on social media about the real age of this Cameron star. However, all speculations and rumours didn’t hold any water and it was reported by other reputable publications that the star didn’t cheat his age.

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