8 Most Valuable Football Teams in the World 2022

Spanish giants have been named as the world’s most valuable football clubs.

The Los Blancos have topped the Forbes’ fresh list and are valued at $5.1 billion — $350 million more than last year, so Madrid’s worth has gone up by 8 percent.

Meanwhile, Madrid’s arch-nemesis are second on the list, valued at just $100 million less than reigning European champions.

Interestingly, neither ($4.25B), nor Paris Saint-Germain ($3.3B), made it to the top 5, despite being owned by Sheikhs rather than club members, as in the case of La Liga sides.

Manchester United ($4.6B) and Liverpool ($4.45B) rank 3rd and 4th respectively.

Munich (4.26B) complete the top five most valuable football clubs.

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