8 Most Tattooed Footballers In The World

Footballers have become synonymous with tattoos, and it’s rare to see one without one. For personal reasons, a few players have refused to have their bodies tattooed.

Because they spend thousands of dollars painting their skin season after season, some tattoos are quite visible.

The top seven most tattooed guys have been gathered below.

8. Loris Sven Karius-Goalkeeper

The 27-year-old German shot stopper enjoys painting his body. On nearly every area of his body, he has tattoos.

7. Djibril Cisse, France (Retired)

The Frenchman looks to have run out of room in his body, as he is inked all over.

His tattoos include everything from ancient paintings to leopard tattoos.

6. Memphis Depay- Netherlands

The Dutch Winger is a living example of art. He has a lion’s image on his back, and he claims to have a lion’s heart.


5. David Beckham- England, Retired

David Beckham is the King of Tattoos. His passion for ink knows no bounds, and he keeps collecting it.

He has a tattoo of Jesus that was made to resemble him.

He has the names of his children inscribed on his body, as well as biblical scriptures inked on his rib cage.

4. Daniel Agger-Denmark, Retired

Daniel Agger has tattoos commemorating family events. He wrote the names of his two sons, as well as the names of his father and mother.

He has a tattoo “YNWA” on his right knuckle that represents his loyalty to Football Club.

3. Neymar Jr. –

Neymar has a lot of tattoos; he paints photos of people that inspire him on his body on a regular basis.

His previous tattoo was a large portrait of his sister on his back and arm.

2. Arturo Vidal- Chile

The first three letters of Vidals’ first name are “art,” which is reflected in the tattoos he wears.

1. Sergio Ramos- Spain

Sergio Ramos is one of the players with the most tattoos in La Liga. It’s hardly surprising that his arms and hands are covered in ink.

However, his social media post about the meaning of his tattoos has garnered notice.

The former defender has tattoos almost all over his body, including his back and right arm.


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