8 Football Players And Their Hair Transplant Stories

Several well-known personalities have had hair transplants to improve their appearances, and here are the experiences of eight football players who have had hair transplants.

The majority of football players are still self-conscious about their appearance. When they’re out in public, they try to maintain their style appropriate.

However, several of them had bad hair loss incidents, which had a negative impact on their charisma.

Artificial hair transplants have been used to renew the development of hair on these celebrities’ heads. So, let’s see who the top eight players are.

Wayne Rooney didn’t have much hair throughout his career, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, by the time he was 25, all of his hair had fallen out, leaving him bald.

The Englishman didn’t want to be compared to Ronaldo Nazario when it came to the promotion of bizarre appearances. As a result, he decided to enlist the aid of scientists in order to improve his hair game.

Rooney had his hair transplanted at London’s Harley Street Hair Clinic. However, it appears that the procedure was ineffective, as the Englishman’s head still has bald spots. Later, he admitted that he was out of ‘donor hairs.’

Football fans who remember Antonio Conte from his playing days may recall his uneasy appearance due to his hair. The Italian’s hair loss was considerable in the middle of his head, but it was still growing on the sides.

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino tried multiple times with various companies, but nothing worked out until he found a solution while in Canada.

He spent $30,000 to restore his hairline and hasn’t looked back since. From the touchline, you can now see the manager with his thick hairy look.

In 2017, the Manchester City manager emerged with a shaved head, prompting fans to criticize the Spaniard’s fashion sense.

The midfielder, though, was later discovered to be suffering from significant hair loss. Despite the fact that his appearance had no bearing on his influence on the pitch, he chose to take matters into his own hands.

Silva’s hair was back when he joined to Real Sociedad after a successful hair transplant by ASSilva’s procedure. You can now see the Spain international in his silky hairy look anytime he takes the pitch.

Cesc Fabregas’ time at Arsenal was marked by glory, as the midfielder put up incredible performances on the field. He had a great hairline to go along with his good looks, and he scored and assisted as well.

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That changed after he relocated to Chelsea. His hair began to fall out on all sides as soon as he arrived at the West London club. While the stare didn’t bother him while he was performing, it most likely became an issue in his personal life.

The Spaniard’s gleaming hair was back in 2019. We are currently unable to determine where he finished the transplant due to a lack of information.

During his tenure at Tottenham Hotspur, Dimitar Berbatov dressed like a movie star. The Bulgarian, on the other hand, was concerned about his hair.

He was seen with a relatively bald look during the later years of his Manchester United tenure. When he relocated to Monaco later, he preferred to be entirely shaved, which astonished many followers.

Berbatov decided to act after the incident and had a hair transplant, which successfully restored the thickness and volume of his hair.

When it comes to mentally preparing their teams for war, most European managers put in a lot of effort. This can lead to severe stress and, as a result, air loss.

Slaven Billic followed the trend, but it only strengthened his return. The Croatian was spotted with less hair in the centre of his head during his management tenure.

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However, in the build-up to the UEFA Euro 2016, Slaven Billic was seen sporting a clean hairy style that impressed a number of people, including his colleague Gary Linekar, who made a minor jab by remarking.

David Beckham is without a doubt one of the most attractive players in the sport’s history. He couldn’t stop his hair from falling out, either.

After turning forty, the former Manchester United star’s hair began to fall out, giving him a new look. In 2018, Beckham took it seriously and underwent a hair transplant.

The Englishman regained his prized appearance once the procedure was completed successfully.

Andros Townsend of Tottenham Hotspur was seen losing his hair while on histamine. He shaved his head when he moved to Crystal Palace because he didn’t have much hair left.

The English player is the poster child for hair transplant success, as modern medicine has enabled him to achieve a beautiful super-hedge, which is even greater than what he had before his hair loss.

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