7 Greatest Dribblers In The History Of Football

Dribbling and technical gestures have made football more beautiful and spectacular in the past.

Some players have refined this art to the point where they can decide the outcome of a match with a single move.

From Stanley Matthews to , including Ronaldinho and Garrincha, our list of the top dribblers includes icons from all ages.

All of these athletes have a vast array of technical movements that allow them to dribble past any opponent. Read on to know more.

7. Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane’s football CV appears to be made up because he has won everything there is to win in football.

A FIFA , a European Championship, a UEFA Champions League, and a slew of other league and cup trophies have all been won.

He was able to foxtrot past rival players because he was so strong and technically gifted.

During the 1998 World Cup, Fuad Anwar’s stamp foreshadowed what was to come eight years later.


The left-footed magician arrived on the scene back in 2004 and quickly established himself as one of the bests of the current generation.

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Messi has a low centre of gravity due to his short stature, much like his predecessor Diego Maradona, which gives him greater agility.

He is known for his ability to change direction swiftly and evading tackles while running at a blistering pace through the opposition defence.

Widely considered to be one of the best dribbler in the world, Messi’s capabilities are second to none.

5. Ronaldinho

He’s a fantastic technical who is always unpredictable on the ball, making defenders’ jobs extremely tough.

His quickness and wide range of dribbling skills enable him to adapt to any situation.

During his career, Ronaldinho played for various major clubs, including PSG, Barcelona, and AC Milan.

Even if he goes on to become one of the greatest players in PSG history, he had his best seasons with the Blaugrana.

During his time at Barca, he won the La Liga twice and the Champions League once. Even the fans of , his perennial nemesis, praised him during a classico in which he literally explodes the Madrid defense.

4. Garranchi.

His connection with the football was unimaginable.

He could do things no one ever has or will do on a football pitch.

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He had an air of confidence about himself when he was on the ball. Some said that Garrincha made the ball talk at his feet.

He would not only beat his opposition all ends up but also humiliate them and shatter all their confidence.

Sudden acceleration, numerous body feints would see him outfox his opposition time and again.

Such was his ability to entertain in making fools of opposing players.

3. Okocha.

Considered by many as stand out amongst one of the most skillful players in football.

He was commended for his abilities and inventfulness. Only if his prime have lasted longer.

He may very well have been crown the ballon d’or but Okocha is one of the best football dribblers.

However it is always a joy to watch the Nigeria dazzled on the football pitch

2. Diego Maradona

He was able to get past any defender with his dribbling and, in particular, his devastating body feints.

Maradona was not just a terrific technician, but he was also quick and a great finisher, as proven by his numerous goals.

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By winning the Argentine championship, the Argentine gets his first title with Boca Juniors.

Following that, he played two seasons in Barcelona, where he won the Copa del Rey.

He will, however, become a true icon for all Neapolitans in Italy. In 1987, Maradona leads Napoli to their first Serie A title, followed by a second in 1990. During this time, he also won the Italian Cup and the UEFA Cup.

1. Delima

You can no longer deny that Ronaldo is the greatest dribbler of all time.

He could have become an alcoholic and retired from football after coming to terms with the fact that he would never be the Ronaldo of the past.

Instead, he toiled away to win a FIFA World Cup, followed by a few years of strong European play.

Ronaldo in his younger years (1993-98) was stronger and faster than Lionel Messi, and he had more heart than Cristiano.








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