7 Footballers Who Played For 2 Different Countries

For each player, taking to the field to represent their native country is a highlight.

It is no simple feat to represent your country at the top level and on a worldwide stage.

For certain players, though, the situation is more complicated, and they must make a decision.

Footballers with two nationalities or who have gained citizenship in a new country are frequently caught between a rock and a hard place: whose national team should they play for?

Today, we’ll look at seven footballers who have represented two countries.

7. Luis Monti (Argentina, Italy)

Luis Monti was born in 1901. As a result, he is recognized as one of the best World Cup players ever.

At the 1924 Olympics, he made his Argentine debut, helping La Albiceleste reach the final, although they were defeated by Uruguay.

Mr. Monti represented Argentina 16 games between 1924 and 1931, scoring 5 goals.

After going to Italy in 1931, he was selected for the Italian national team and won the World Cup in 1934.

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6. Ferenc Puskas – Spain, Hungary

Another Real Madrid legend is Ferenc Puskas. He started his international career with Hungary, scoring 84 goals in 85 games.

Puskas earned an Olympic gold medal in 1952 and a World Cup victory in 1954, where he was named the tournament’s best player.

Puskas gained Spanish citizenship while playing for Real Madrid and became a national team all-star.

He couldn’t replicate his Spain performances while playing for Real Madrid.

He’s only played four times for Spain at this point.

5. Michel Platini (France, Italy)

Platini scored 224 goals in 432 games for Nancy, Saint-Étienne, and Juventus. Platini was voted “best player” and “highest scorer” for France in the 1984 European Championship.

In 2007, Thierry Henry broke Michel Platini’s scoring record for France (41 goals).

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Juve (Italy) won the Serie A twice (1983-1984 and 1985-1986) and the Champions League once (1984-1985).

4. Thiago Motta – Brazil, Italy

Thiago Motta has played for many of the world’s top clubs, including Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan.

He’s played for two countries.

He made two appearances for Brazil in the 2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

A year after the Gold Cup, Motta expressed his desire to play for the Italian national team.

Due to his dual citizenship, he was called up by La Nazionale in 2011.

He scored one goal in 30 games for the Italian national team.

3. Jermaine Jones – USA, Germany

Jermaine Jones, a former Bundeligsa midfielder, joined the US national team in 2010.

Jones was permitted to switch due to his dual nationality and one friendly appearance for Germany.

2. Nacer Chadli (Belgium, Morocco)

Nacer Chadli is Moroccan and Belgian. So he played for the North African national team in November 2010.

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On March 29, 2011, Chadli scored his first goal for the Belgian national team in the Euro 2012 competition.

Until Chadli scored the game-winning goal in Belgium’s 3-2 triumph over Japan, he had played 47 times for Belgium.

1. Diego Costa

Diego Costa is a well-known example of a footballer who has represented two nations.

Before joining Atletico Madrid, the Brazilian attacker appeared in two friendlies.

Afraid about being neglected by Luis Felipe Scolari, Costa joined La Roja.

The Spanish FA asked FIFA to let Costa join their squad once he gained Spanish citizenship.

Costa has made 24 appearances for Spain and scored 10 goals since FIFA’s approval.




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