6 Best Defensive Midfielders In Premier League History

The defensive midfield position can sometimes be referred to as the enforcer position.

The primary work of a defensive midfield is to protect the backline and breaking attacking play of their opponents.

However, some modern holding midfielders are also good at creating chances and scoring goals.

The English Premier League has been graced with so many great defensive midfielders in across it’s history, which we are going to be looking at the top six to play in that position.

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1. Roy Keane

Keane was strong and combative midfielder for Man United during their period of dominance in the 1990s and 2000s.

He was capable of winning the ball back in midfield with great effect and launching a counter with his ball playing skills.

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2. Kante

Kante possesses is a mixed blend of a defensive midfield player.

He could break out opposition play, capable of driving the ball at his feet and creating chances for his team.

3. Patrick Vierra

Patrick Vierra was a terrifying player to come against.

His heights and long legs meant he was built for the defensive midfield position.

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He was a aggressive tackler and a leader on the pitch for Arsenal.

He’s battle in midfield against Roy Keane of Man United is fondly remembered.

3. Makelele

4. Fernandinho

5. Carrick

6. Essien



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