5 Unforgettable Fights That Happened Between Players On The Field

Football is a game where emotion is king. Everyone appreciates the game when enthusiasm is channeled via the beauty of the game.

However, on rare occasions, tempers flare and the field devolves into mayhem. When a game devolves into a brawl, it loses its appeal since it cannot be enjoyed in the same manner.

Now, let’s look at some unforgettable fights that happened between players on the field of play:

  • Ronaldo pushes Pep Guardiola, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, 29 Nov 2010

The ball went out of play in the 30th minute of the game, and Guardiola took possession. In a moment of anger with his team’s performance, Ronaldo went up to Guardiola to collect the ball for a throw-in and pushed him. 

Iniesta, who had come to console Ronaldo, received the same treatment, causing a tremendous commotion between football’s bitter rivals. In the end, Barcelona thrashed their old rivals 5-0. 

  • Pepe steps on Messi’s hand, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 19 Jan 2012
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He was famous for receiving a red card in the UCL semi-final against Barcelona the previous season, and he went one step further in this Copa Del Rey match.

Pepe strolled by Messi’s side, carelessly stamping his foot on Messi’s left arm, which was already lying on the ground hurt. Messi began to scream in pain, but the foul was cleverly masked by the referee, who failed to notice the source of Messi’s anguish. 

  • Maradona’s mad assault, 1984 Copa Del Rey final

This match between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona took place during a period in which racist comments directed at players were commonplace in football. The Bilbao fans in the stadium taunted Maradona throughout the game, and he finally gave in after enduring constant racial abuse.

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He went head-to-head with his opponent, Sola, and knocked him out. He didn’t stop there, breaking the limbs and legs of many of the Bilbao players in the area. All of this took place in the presence of the King of Spain. 

  • Carvalho elbows Messi and Ramos red card, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, 29 Nov 2010

Moments later, the brawl was started by Ronaldo, with Messi collapsing in pain after what appeared to be a push from Carvalho. Replays, on the other hand, clearly revealed his nefarious motive, as the image of him elbowing Messi would be in every Spanish newspaper.

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Carvalho was only given a yellow card, but Ramos was given a red for a second foul on Messi. Ramos, being Ramos, did not leave quietly, pushing and fighting with his Spanish teammates before finally exiting the field. 

  • Zidane headbutts Materazzi, 2006 World Cup final

With a panenka penalty, Zidane put France ahead, but Materazzi equalized soon after, and the match went to extra time.

After an exchange of words, Zidane headbutted Materazzi in the 110th minute, and it was later found that Materazzi had mistreated Zidane’s sister. France lost the penalty shootout because Zidane was kicked out, so he couldn’t play in it.

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