5 Top Rated Footballers Who Ruined Of Their Careers Because Their Bad Habits

When you talk about footballers, you’re talking about money-earning machines. They are among the highest-paid employees on the planet.

They live in affluence and can afford to live the lifestyle they desire. Money is good, no doubt, yet it sometimes gets into people’s minds and leads them astray. 

It is not all smiles in the world of football. There are several talents that seemed destined for greatness but ultimately wrecked their careers because they were excessively confident, prone to parties, or simply sluggish. 

Drugs, alcohol, gambling, and women are all vices that have ruined the lives of a number of footballers across the world, and the following is a list of the top players.

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Expected to be the cornerstone of Italy’s future, Balotelli seemed to decline the expectation with all his negative behavior. 

Playing with excellent players and working with top-class coaches was actually not taken advantage of by Mario Balotelli. 

His career was not obvious since he opted to follow his bad habits such as smoking, getting intoxicated, and generating other difficulties. 

Many regarded him as the world’s most glamorous footballer before Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo hit the scene. But neither of the younger generation of superhumans was a better showboater. 

Ronaldinho was famous for his colorful, playboy, partying lifestyle. That was the primary reason for his weight gain before his departure from Barcelona. 

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He was compared to fellow Brazilian hero Pele as one of the world’s most promising superstars. 

Robinho’s off-the-field behavior was also questionable, as he was allegedly accused of rapping a female. He simply couldn’t concentrate on his football career, which at the time appeared to be very promising. 

Adriano was a raw talent, deadly in front of goal and a good ball holder with his glorious left foot, but he also partied hard, as evidenced by his numerous arrests. 

After being caught partying in 2006, Adriano was advised by Brazil coach Dunga to regain his motivation for playing football because he was a talented player, but Adriano was not ready to listen.

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Arsenal icon After a decade of battles with addiction, Tony Adams openly admitted to being an alcoholic in 1996. He received treatment and was able to continue playing until 2002. 

Adams said he had a dark, lonely battle with alcohol before that, which he called a time of “self loathing” and “self destruction.” This led him to act irrationally, like urinating on himself and smashing bottles on his head.

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