5 top Players that might be playing their last World cup in Qatar 2022

The FIFA holding in is set to begin in November which is approximately 2 months from now. The tournament promises to be a unique one as it is going to be the First World cup ever played during Winter.

Aside these obvious facts about the it, this tournament could be the last World cup for some Players. With age increase and retirement not very far, Qatar 2022 might be the last one these Players.

Here are the top 5 Players that might be playing their last World cup in Qatar 2022:

1. Leo Messi

The Argentine is 35 years of age currently and by the next World cup in 2026, he will be 39. Obviously by that time, Messi could be retired from not only international football but club football too. If he is still playing, it will definitely not be in Europe hence why the PSG star could be playing in his last World cup for Argentina at Qatar 2022.

2. Cristiano

Messi’s eternal rival. Ronaldo will definitely not be at the next World cup after Qatar 2022. He is currently 37 and will be 41 in 2026. The upcoming tournament with his country, Portugal promises to be Ronaldo’s last chance at winning the one title that could forever cement his legacy as an all time football great.

3. Luis Suarez

No Player has been more controversial in World cup’s history than Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan caused controversy in South africa, 2010 and had another controversy moment in , 2014. Although he is returned to his home country in terms of club football, Qatar 2022 is surely going to be Suarez’s last FIFA World cup.


Although he is going to be 34 by the year, 2026. Neymar jr 30, has hinted that Qatar 2022 might be his last World cup as he looks to put his name in the history books of his country, Brazil by winning the World cup for them. It is not yet certain if the upcoming tournament is Neymar’s last but if we are to take him by his word, it is.

5. Thomas Muller

The German attacker will be looking to break the record of the highest goalscorer in World cup history currently held by his compatriot, Miroslav Klose. Muller 33, will be playing in his 4th World cup at Qatar 2022. He is the last of Germany’s past generation currently in the National team and after the upcoming tournament, he will surely be saying goodbye to the FIFA World cup.

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