5 Top Legends Who Have Scored Most Long-Range Goals In English Premier League History

Premier football is home to all sorts of footballing talents. There are goal poachers(fox in the box kind of players), dribblers, excellent passers, dead-ball specialists etc.

In this article, we’ll look at the players with who have scored most long-range goal. Who are the best in the history of the premier league since its inception in 1992?

Arguably the best premier league player of all time, Henry was a prolific goal scorer at Arsenal. His goal-scoring skills were a beauty to behold. While at Arsenal, the Frenchman scored a total of 228 goals.29 of them came from outside the 18-yard box.

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Gerrard is an admirable Liverpool legend. A tireless runner and box to box midfielder, the former England international was also a natural leader who captained Liverpool to a memorable 2005 champions league triumph. Gerrard was also a long-range goal scorer as he retired with 33 goals to his name.

There is no doubt Shearer is a premier league legend. Nobody has scored more premier league goals than him(260). In his prime, Shearer was a goal poacher and a complete one in that regard. He played for Black Burn and Newcastle, winning one premier league title. The England legend scored a total of 33 goals from outside the 18-yard box.

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Back in the day, the name Beckham was associated with free kicks. He was a gifted free-kick taker who bailed his team at just the right time. He scored a total of 61 goals and incredibly 34 of those came from outside the 18-yard box.

Top of the list when it comes to long-range goals scored is Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard. The ex Blues player was one of the fearsome midfielders in his prime. Although he was a midfielder, Frank boasts of premier league goal-scoring stats that few strikers can achieve as he has 211 to his name and 41 of them came from outside the box. The premier legend was also a prolific creator for other goal scorers as he managed 102 assists at Chelsea.

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