5 Top Footballers Who Are Openly Gay

A homosexual can exist regardless of skin colour, religion, race, or gender.

Footballers who are male are not excluded.It takes a lot of guts and background support from family, friends, and the community at large to make it public.

Many people lack that support, making coming out and announcing their sexuality a hard task.

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If you’re a male footballer, it’s even worse. If you’re a female footballer, the homosexual component is sometimes overlooked.

That is why so few individuals come out, and why there are no famous footballers who are openly gay.

The few footballers who have publicly disclosed their homosexuality are listed below:

1. Justin Fashanu

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In 1990, Justin Fashanu, an English football player, was the first person to say out loud that he was gay.

2. Anton Hysen

The Torslanda IK defence represented Sweden in Division 2 football.

3. Robbie Rogers

The American winger was a member of the US men’s national team.

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4. Thomas Hitzlsperger

5. David Testo 

In addition, David Testo and Thomas Hitzlsperger came out as gay in public.






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