5 Reasons Why Football Players Face Punishment When They Remove Their Shirt During Goal Celebration

If you enjoy football, you may have wondered why players are given a yellow card for removing their shirts while celebrating a goal.

The referee will issue a yellow card to the player regardless of his motivation for removing his shirt while celebrating.

The following are some of the likely reasons why FIFA forbids players from celebrating goals by removing their shirts.

  • Players are not permitted to celebrate excessively after scoring a goal.

Taking off one’s shirt is one technique of displaying too much excitement.

  • When a player’s jersey is removed, it’s more difficult to determine who scored the goal
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The names on the players’ jerseys assist the game commanders recognize them because they don’t know their names. If a player has trouble putting on the shirt, the watch team may not be able to tell who scored the goal.

  • Players may exhibit political inscriptions printed on their undershirts or tattooed on their bodies while removing their shirts
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This can lead to anarchy among players and spectators, something FIFA strongly opposes. Robbie Fowler, for example, removed his shirt and exposed his undershirt with slogans in support of the Dockers’ strike.

  • Taking off the shirt prevents the sponsor firms’ details from being captured by the cameras

They will want their brands to be seen globally after spending millions of dollars on sponsorship, and removing the garment inhibits this.

  • Some cultures and religions may be offended if the shirt is removed

It should be noted that the match’s players and viewers hail from various corners of the world. Taking an example of the middle East Countries which are muslim dominated, taking off a shirt while facing the cameras is considered to be offensive.

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