5 Of The Most Difficult Names To Pronounce In Football

The name Jakub Blaszczykowski is among the most difficult to say. Sometimes it is entertaining to watch a pundit struggle to say a football player’s name, especially if it includes more than four or five syllables.

Additionally, since most of these players have a nickname that is utilized instead, it is difficult for the supporters as well. Some of these names are so lengthy that they likely cause the club employees who print the names on the uniforms a weekend nightmare.

Below are some of the most difficult names to pronounce in football

1. Yevhen Konoplyanka

Nobody would have been happier than Premier League commentator had his transfer to during the winter transfer window of 2014–15 fallen through.

His name has a lot of words in it. His last name indeed have five syllables, but they are not quite pronounced the way you might have assumed.

2. Mwaruwari Benjani

Despite having a weird surname, Benjani will likely be one of the more well-known Premier League players on this list, which explains why he is so low on the list.

It is understandable why he was informally referred to as Benjani when competing at the highest level.

The Zimbabwean striker has a respectable goal scoring record in England’s top division while playing for Portsmouth, , Blackburn Rovers, and Sunderland.

3. Sokratis Papasthathopoulos

This name is the most challenging to pronounce in the competition due to a number of factors. The length of his last name prevents it from fitting on the back of his jersey, to start.

There are also two words that begin with the letter “th,” but those two letters are pronounced differently in each. The ultimate tongue twister is the last one. When he received a red card in his first game, commentators all over the world were ecstatic.

4. Zbigniew Wojtkowiak

Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Gylfi Sigursson’s names have likely become much easier to say for many people in the world of football as a result of the repeated use of their names in recent years.

However, some of the names on the list of the most difficult to say in football history are so uncommon that learning them for the first time could actually be difficult.

These names are less common than those we have grown accustomed to over time. Grzegorz Wojtkowiak is one such example.

Although he has never competed in one of Europe’s top five leagues, Wojtkowiak caused so much confusion during the Euros when his name was being pronouced.

5. Piotr Swierczewski

Due to the fact that he only made one Premier League appearance overall, it is totally okay that you are unaware of who this player is.

In 2003, the seasoned Polish international moved to Birmingham City, but he left the Midlands not long after. In addition to his time with the Blues, Swierczewski played in Poland, France, and Japan over the course of his extensive athletic career.

He presently oversees a team in the fourth division of his native nation.



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