5 Historical Facts And Records In Football You Did Not Know About

Football is based on both the present and past events. That is why most football fans make sure they keep track of all the activities that happen in football.

Here are the 5 historical facts in football you did not know about:

1. Norway is the only team that has never lost to National team. They have met 4 times in which Norway won won 2 matches and 2 matches ended draw.

2. Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played pro football in 4 different decades. He started his senior career in 1999 and has been active since then.

3. New Zealand was the only unbeaten team in the 2010 FIFA . Despite not making it past the group stage, they managed a draw against Italy, Slovakia and Paraguay.

4. Olivier Giroud’s scorpion Kick for Arsenal in their English Premier League 2-0 win against Crystal Palace in 2017 won the FIFA PUSKAS award but not the goal of the month. Andy Carroll’s acrobatic bicycle kick against Crystal Palace won the goal of the month award.

5. The Dutch centre back Virgil Van Dijk joined in 2018 and won the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup without losing a single game at Anfield Stadium.

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