5 Greatest Football Dribblers Of All Time

Dribbling is without a doubt one of the most fun components of the game of football, if not the most entertaining.

A player who can routinely defeat opponents draws crowds to games and gives a team the extra spark it requires.

Here is a list of players who are said to be the greatest dribblers of all time.

5. Diego Maradona 
Even in the future, the Argentine icon will be hailed as one of the greatest players of all time.

He had a diminutive frame, but he was a force on the pitch, winning the in 1986 among his numerous achievements.

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The aggressive midfielder was also a terrific goal scorer and dribbler, and he is considered one of the all-time greats.

Before his death in 2020, he worked as a manager following his playing career.

4. Ronaldinho 
Next on the list is Ronaldinho, who is also one of the best footballers of all time and is noted for his innovative dribbling styles.

He played for Barca, AC Milan, and the Brazilian national team at the time.

Prior to his retirement, he had three major international titles.

3.George Best 
The Northern Irishman was also one of our most talented players at the time, having represented and a slew of other European clubs.

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He was a brilliant dribbler and one of the finest in history, playing on the wing and in attacking middle.

2. Zinedine Zidane (Zinedine Zidane)
The current French manager, Zinedine Zidane, will go down in football history as a legend.

He was a truly exceptional player.

He played for and Juventus for the majority of his career.

He was also very good at the international level, and he was a member of the French squad that won the World Cup in 1998.

He was a phenomenal dribbler, arguably the finest of all time.

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1. Pele
Without the renowned Brazilian footballer Pele, this list would be incomplete.

The former Brazilian Minister of Sport is without a doubt one of the finest players in the sport’s history.

Despite the fact that FIFA does not recognize it, Pele owns the world record for the most professional goals scored in football history.

He was also a fantastic dribbler, and he is, without a doubt, the greatest dribbler of all time.


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