5 African Countries With The Most Players in The Top Five European Leagues

Spain has the most players in Europe’s top five leagues than any other country. Senegal is the country with the most players in the top five European leagues in Africa.

Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Morocco, and the Ivory Coast are among the top 25 countries in the world having players in Europe’s top leagues. 

A great study has shown the countries with the most football players in Europe’s top five leagues. 

Spain has the most players playing high-level football, according to the FBref portal, a website that focuses in various types of surveys.

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If statistics are to be believed, Spaniards are unrivaled in terms of players in Europe’s top five leagues, with a total of 517 players in the top five leagues. 

Footballers from France (451) and Italy (452) are close behind (346). Despite the English Premier League’s extremely high standard, there are more Germans (284) in Europe’s top five leagues than English players (275). 

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What about African countries? 

Surprisingly, Africa has a large contingent of players competing in the world’s top leagues. 

Senegal, in particular, has the most number of players in the top five leagues among African countries, with 51 players, putting the country in the top ten. 

Ivory Coast is next on the African list, with 35 players in the leagues, putting them in 17th place overall. 

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Morocco (21st – 29), Nigeria (23rd – 28), Mali (24th – also 28), and Ghana are all close behind (25th – 27). 

It’s worth noting that the number of players includes individuals who are formal members of clubs in the top five leagues, despite having been loaned out to non-top-five league teams.

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