3 Things Manchester United Must Do If They Want Win The Premier League Trophy

Last season, the performance of left us all unsatisfied. Many people are making a lot of effort to improve Manchester United in various ways.

Here are some ideas for how Manchester United could get back to being the reigning Premier League champions.

There are some players in Manchester United who are now unnecessary or who are not the players they once were. Selling those players will make more money for Man United, which they can use to buy new players or to improve the team.

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The next step after selling unnecessary players and buying new players is to train the players in the club. Increasing training hours and finding a good coach are very important steps to maintain the fitness of the players. Some players might not be suited to a training style of a coach, so be sure that all the players are comfortable when playing.

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The captain’s role in a team is very important. Finding the suitable captain for Manchester United is necessary. Many of us fans argue that Maguire is not fit to be the captain. Most of us also agree that either or De Gea should be made captain. Letting players vote for who they want as their captain would be great.

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