3 Best Dribblers In The History Of Football

There are many aspects to the beautiful game, however one of the most mesmerizing is dribbling. Loads of players around the world can dribble well, however only the best have made it onto our list.

When no one else could, these players had the ability to beat defenders and score vital goals:

1. Fernando Redondo

One of the greatest dribbler in the world is the Argentine retired footballer. During his career, he played as a defensive.

He is an elegant deep-lying playmaker who played in front of the defence. His main attributes were his creative passing, vision, technique and close control with his left foot and his ability to control the tempo of his team’s play in midfield.

Despite not having a great deal of pace, he possessed good acceleration and was an efficient and aggressive tackler, who contributed defensively just as much as he did offensively. He was regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of his generation.

2. Djalma Feitosa Dias

The retired Brazilian professional footballer Djalma also ranks as one of the best dribbler in the history of football. He played as an attacking midfielder during his professional career.

He is blessed with superb skill and technical ability but possessing a troublesome character. He is also a versatile player capable of playing on both sides. Most defenders were afraid of taking him on during his professional career because of his dribbling skills.

3. Enzo Francescoli

The former Uruguayan football player Enzo is also another great dribbler in football history.

He is a quick, elegant, creative and technically-gifted attacking midfielder who was also capable of playing in the centre as a second striker.

He was noted in particular for his control, grace, fluidity, dribbling skills and ability on the ball, despite his lack of notable pace. He is a two-footed playmaker with excellent vision, passing ability, and an eye for goal from midfield.

He was also known for his ability from set-pieces, and also had a penchant for scoring acrobatic goals from overhead kicks.

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