10 Top Number 10s In Premier League History

In football, players and the jerseys assigned to them are in somewhat Intertwined. The No.10 Jersey for instance happens to be an iconic jersey number that comes with a lot of prestige, vigour, class and responsibilities.

Stats and figures have been on the number 10 shirts side, it’s one of the sort of after jersey numbers in the game by the best players. Getting the number 10 jersey comes with a price.

The characteristics this number possesses can be traced back back the fact that a most football legends and iconic figures in the game did wear the number 10 jersey during their glory day.

In vanilla football, the number 10 jersey is meant for the playmaker or attacking midfielder in the squad. The number 10 is meant to play behind the forwards, and creat goal-scoring opportunities for the team.

The number 10 plays a major role in the team and the influence made by them cannot be overlooked or shoved aside. For this reason, they need to be placed in the spotlight.

The English Premier League has been blessed with magnificent players who have made their mark in the league whilst adorning the number 10 jersey for their respective clubs.

Here are 10 of the most exceptional number 10s in the Premier League history compiled I no particular order;

Mesut Ozil

The ex-German international and former Arsenal maestro, dubbed The King of Assists, having the best assists ratio per game in the English Premier League till January 2016. His creative thinking, techniques, dribbling skills, and crucial passes sets him apart.

His fore vision whenever he was with the ball made him a big problem to his opponents. During his time in the EPL, fans of the game were aware of the magic he performs on the pitch?

Joe Cole

J cole
An aspiring young star during his early career, filled with immense talent with huge prospects ahead of him. Joe Cole was smart with ball, versatile (provide assists and score goals), and agile.

He unique style of play and long range shots made him a great asset to and England’s national team.

Michael Owen


Eden Hazard


Robin Van Persie

The flying dutchman like he is fondly called after his incredible goal for Netherlands at the . The dangerous left footed player proved himself with both Arsenal and scoring incredible goals and making indelible marks in the

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney was opportunited to play along side Premier League legends upon Joining Manchester United at 19.

He shares the pitch with Ruud van Nistelrooy, Roy Keane, Ferdinand, Cristiano , Paul Scholes, to mention a few. This afforded him room to promote himself at many levels.

Although Wayne scored brilliant goals, made crucial contribution to the game in the team and the League as well, his praises wasn’t sang the loudest. He was overshadowed by the performances from Messinand Ronaldo who were being talked about the most.

Rooney was a prolific goalscorer during his glory days at Old Trafford.

Harry Kane

If you ever wondered what a lone striker would look like in the Premier League, Harry Kane is the best man for the job.
His “hold-up play and close control” puts him in the fore-front for the attacking role, and other positions alike. Although the Englishman was tagged a natural pure goal scorer, he has proven over time to be an all-round player.

For country he is often playing as an attacking midfielder, and he has been a huge performer. Kane is known for his foresight, technique, passing ability, and his ability to drop deep into the midfield to create goal chances and carry other players in the attack.

Sergio Aguero

The Argentine needs no introduction, the amount of destruction met to various clubs in the EPL during his time with cannot be easily forgotten.

His versatility in the attacking front has earned him a place as one of the best strikers in the world.

The former City striker is widely considered as an all-round attacker, and also one of the greatest No. 10s in Premier League of all time.

Dennis Bergkamp

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