10 Most Followed Football Clubs In The World

Who are the most followed football clubs in the world?

We all know which clubs dominate the share of global football fans.

, Barcelona, Manchester United and Liverpool are just a few clubs that are renowned for their worldwide following.

But in the world of social media, it’s become easier than ever to gauge and track just how much each club is engaged with based upon their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Are the traditional ‘top-dogs’ still reigning supreme as the dominant forces in the game? Or has cash injections into new brands like , Paris Saint-Germain and seen their status flourish?

Thanks to some research collated by LiveScore, who painstakingly scrolled through every club’s social accounts and totted up the results, we can tell you exactly that.

Now, it must be said this isn’t a 100% complete picture because there are of course fans who don’t use social media, however in the modern day they’re few and far between so it’s a decent indicator.

But you get that anyway, so without further ado – let’s get into it.

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The 10 most followed football clubs in the world

10. Arsenal – 80.1m

9. Manchester City – 86.9m

8. Munich – 94.9m

7. Liverpool – 101.6m

6. Chelsea – 106.5m

5. Juventus – 109.6m

4. Paris Saint-Germain – 121m

3. Manchester United – 165.8m

2. Barcelona – 256.6m

1. Real Madrid – 272.5m

I mean, we expected the two Spanish giants to be top but come on…

Real Madrid have nearly triple that of the second and third placed English clubs in Liverpool and Chelsea.

Manchester United occupy number one spot amongst the UK teams. That’s not too much of a surprise, but their near 60 million edge over Chelsea is quite a shock.

Meanwhile, and Juventus top the chart for France and Italy, representing the only inclusions from those nations.

Bayern rank eighth – which seems relatively low but we guess their lack of superstars compared to a side like PSG works against them here – whilst Man City and Arsenal round the list off in ninth and tenth place respectively.




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