10 Fastest Footballers In The World

Football demands a lot of physical exertion on the pitch, which has given us enough glimpses of our favourite players spending hours in the gym and on the training field, improving the ability of their feet to take them past opponents.

Modern football has become a very fast-paced affair and with teams quick to press and counter-attack, players who possess blistering pace and acceleration to bolt forward have become an inextricable part of the sport.

Over the years, we have seen many players mesmerize crowds with their breathtaking pace, both with and without the ball. This has made them able to beat opponents in one-on-one situations.

Check out the list of players who are considered to be the fastest in the world;

10. Mohamed Salah from

Salah joined Liverpool 2017, he have been a true hero in the premier league since his move from .

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Salah have the skills and a Lightning speed, almost every defender straggle to hold Salah speed of about 35 KM/H.

9. Aubameyang from

Aubameyang have made his name from a top premier league football club Arsenal.

He has been using his high speed of about 35.5 KM/H to pass against the most expensive defenders.

He is also a leading goal scorer, I guess Arsenal made a wrong decision to let him go.

8. Kyle Walker

Walker is one of the most expensive defender from Manchester City.

He has a good ball control and is experienced to staying calm with the ball.

He has won 3 Premier League titles at City.

His avarage speed is about 35.71 KM/H.

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7. Erling Haaland 

He has been at Dortmund and has shown his skills and ability to score even 5 goals in a single match.

Recently he has signed a contract with Manchester City and will now be on fire. His avarage speed is about 36.04 KM/H.

6. Leroy Sane 

He is one of the players who have helped Manchester City win premier league titles.

Sane is currently at Bayern Munich where he is leading with assist.

His speed is about 36.51KM/H.

5. Kylian Mbappe 

Since his move to Mbappe had showed his class by scoring HAT-TRICKS, and scoring goals in the champions league this season.

The 23 year old runs like a cheater with a speed of about 36.08KM/H.

4. Adama Traore 

With a speed af about 36.08KM/H Adama has helped his team in passing long shots.

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He is one of the strongest players but also one of the players with the highest speed and ball control skills.

3. Marcus Radford

Rashford from is one of the forward who used to move with a crazy speed and used to place goals into the furthest corner of the goal.

However this season have not been good to him.

Hakimi from PSG and Alphonso Davies are the two players who end the list of today top fastest footballers in the world.











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