10 Best Goalkeepers Of All Time Who Wore Number 1 Shirt

The goalkeeper, sometimes known as the goalie or keeper for short is the player who prevents the opposing team from scoring by either using his hand, leg, or body to stop the ball.

The goalkeeper is the only player in football that is allowed to touch the ball with his hand, and it is one of the most specialized positions in sports.

Since the inception of the football game, several players have paused as goalkeepers and have done quite great, to the extent of winning awards like golden glove awards, and so on.

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We all are familiar with goalkeepers always wearing the number one shirt, especially the best goalkeeper of the team, but not all of the goalkeepers we see today wear the number one shirt, as it is reserved only for the best keepers.

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Therefore, in line with this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best goalkeepers of all time who wore jersey number one.

Though some of them have retired, they’ll always be remembered for their outstanding goalkeeping during their football career.

1. G. Buffon (Italian Football Player)

2. Oliver Khan (German Former Football Player)

3. Peter Schmeichel (Former Danish Football Player)

4. Iker Casillas (Spanish Former Football Player)

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5. D. Zoff (Italian Former Football Player)

6. R. Dasayev (Former Soviet Football Player)

7. Gordon Banks (Former English Football Player)

8. Petr Cech (Czech Former Football Player)

9. Manuel Neuer (German Football Player)

10. A. Zubizarreta (Former Spanish Football Player)



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